Outlander Book Review

Sorry for the simplicity of my post,but you know Hurricanes and whatever. 


by Diana Gabaldon

I need a shirt that says I heart James Frazer lol

       I gotta be honest, the reason I came across this book was thanks to a YouTube channel called AbookUtopia I think (I would add a link but I’m doing this post on my phone so..), I think her name is Sasha Alsberg. I love her videos you should definitely check them out. Well, she is a very big fan of the book series and tv show. She talked so much about it that I had to check it out. And soon enough I was hooked, to the tv show. I know, I know shame on me for watching before reading. But I didn’t see the whole season before finishing the book, if that’s any consolation. I actually haven’t finish the show. 

       Anyways, thanks to her I discover the books and like any book lover I felt I had to finish the books before continuing whit the show. But it took me soooooooo long to do that. It has happened to me before. I think there’s a special time to read any book, and sometimes you start a book but you throw it aside because you are just not in the mood for it. And I guess that’s what happened to me with Outlander. I think I started that book like 3 times. And another reality of what I think was another factor on me not finishing the book was that it felt a little boring at first. This could be a direct reaction to the fact that I already knew what was going to happened cause I had already seen it on tv.  The book gets way better once she crosses the stones. After that the book got way better. 

          Diana Gabaldon is a really great author. She really knows how to paint a picture. It was really easy falling in the life of Jamie and Claire. You got to feel their struggles and feelings. And by the way I’m not a fan of love stories but this one was so perfectly written. You actually get to see their relationship build up and it never feels force. Despite the circumstances that brings them together. 

        I can’t wait to read the next one. I’ve heard not so great reviews from the second installment. But people do agree that after the second one it gets way better. 

        I’m not able at the moment, to add a book description but you should go to GoodReads.com and check it out. 


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