Risen Movie Review

Based on the book Risen by Angela Hunt


This movie is based on the book Risen by Angela Hunt. I already did a review on the book Click Here to see it. If you haven’t seen it go away… Spoiler Warning!

Here’s the thing, when I first read Risen I fell in love more with Rachel’s point of view than Clavius. His part was good but her part was better. 

The movie didn’t bring Rachel, and even though I loved her in the book I thought that it was better to leave her out for the movie, the “love story” that they have in the book would have taken away from the premise of the movie.

Now apart from that, lets talk about the interviews, which are the best part of this movie. I’m not much of a movie reviewer but OMG the interviews where so well executed that I actually felt frustrated and I just wanted to know more even though I already knew.

Is that good. The actors to me were freaking awesome. Right on point. It was a really great movie. 

For some reason I thought the movie might bored me. I don’t know why, cause i loved the book. 

I went to see the movie with zero expectations and I have to say that I was pretty blown away from how real-ish it felt. 

Read the book, watch the movie. They are both great. You don’t need one to love the other but you should do them both if you want.



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