Glass Sword: Book Talk… Because I Can’t Review it.

You know that feeling you get when the sequel of a book that you love comes out, after months of waiting. That awesome feeling when the book is finally in your hands and you are really excited, and you start the book… and then you start the book… and then you start the book… and then you start the book… and then you start the book… and then… yeah,… like that…

Glass Sword

      by Victoria Aveyard


Book Talk:

Glass Sword is the sequel to Red Queen. A book you fell in love with for its feeling of The Selection meets the X Men kind of thing with a little bit of Game of Thrones (at least to me). Anyways, Red Queen left you wanting more. And believe me I couldn’t wait for Glass Sword to come out. But when it finally did. OMG..

Before I go on you should know:

(I’m sorry, but normally I don’t review books that I don’t like. When that happens I just simply ignore them. I don’t like saying mean words of someone’s book or work. Because I know that they worked really hard on them. So I’ll try to be nice with my words.)


The book was sooooo boring. It repeated it self sooooo much. You know how many times I tried to read this book? Wayyyyyyy too many. I kept telling myself that I was reading it in the wrong time. That I should wait until I was feeling like reading it.

I do this a lot. I try to get into any book that I think I may like more than once. Because sometimes I know that I will like it. I’m a really moody reader.

But I just couldn’t do it with this one. I’ll probably read a summary of it later (if I can find one) to see were the story goes. I really wanted to know more of it. But for some reason this one made me hate the characters. Even Cal, who was one of my favorites. The rest were just annoying. I just couldn’t.

I think Victoria Aveyard is a really great writer and I really enjoyed her first book of this series. But this one, I’m really sorry, but I just couldn’t.

If you liked the first one go check this one out. Find out for yourself if its for you or not.



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