Lauren Kate’s Fallen Movie Trailer Talk

Who else is excited for the Fallen movie?.. Woooo!!!

If you haven’t seen the trailer Click Here to see it.

But if you saw it, let’s talk about it!!!


First of all, I have to be completely honest, I don’t remember a lot of the book. The details are a little fuzzy lol. So keeping that in mind here’s what I think.

(by the way I think the cast is right on point)

Can we all talk first about the weirdness of this movie’s promotion or publicity. I mean it isn’t normal and I’m scared that the franchise will suffer before taking of.

i don’t really now that much about publicity or whatever, but anyone can see that this is not going well. First of all, someone “allegedly” leaked the trailer and then it was release latter on. (I think it was good, more on that later). They told fans to share it so that the movie could be release or something like that. I guess they were trying to make the movie promote it self. And i don’t think that was a good call. I mean, not even JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beast and Where to find them relied on that because this days they have to work really hard to move franchise like that especially one like Fallen. Those types of movies aren’t selling as much anymore.

And now for some reason or thanks to that, I don’t know, the movie has release dates in places like Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong (Click Here for more on that) but not a US release. I have no idea why, but that’s how it is. Hopefully we will get one but it kind of looks like a strait to dvd movie in the US.

Now, the trailer was really good, all though it looks a lot like twilight. But I guess a more action-pack version of twilight. And if you read the books you’ll know that it doesn’t have that creepy gap age thing (I did loved Twilight, but lets be real). I think the cast is right on point and the setting looks pretty cool. It looks like a really entertaining movie. But I guess not enough for theaters.

I don’t know.

It is really hard to get theatrical releases this days. Although there are movies that get them and shouldn’t have (*coughs* When the Bough Breaks *coughs*)

I wish this movie had a US release but so far that looks really far away.

If anyone knows anything about it please let me know, cause I really want to see it.


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