Love in the Face of Isis: Book review

Love in the Face of Isis: Seven Prayer Strategies for the Crisis in the Middle Easts.

               by Lorraine Marie Valera


Book description:

“Thousands of Christians in the Middle East have been persecuted and martyred by ISIS in the past year alone. The number is increasing. Most believers, seeing the atrocities, long to help–but how? In this timely, compelling book, Lorraine Varela offers powerful spiritual strategies to effect change–no matter where you live. Varela exposes the spirit behind ISIS and provides seven specific prayer directives that release God’s character and purposes into the crisis.
Real-life stories of supernatural intervention will encourage and remind you to believe that God does indeed have an answer. Discover how to pray effectively about the growing violence of radical Islam. Join other believers–and declare to ISIS that Love is coming after them.”

My Review:

Sometimes we feel helpless when situations like the one happening in the middle east right now occurred. This book shows you a great way to help out. Pray. In this book you are going to find guidelines and specific prayers that will help you on your prayer life. This book is really great and it reminds you of something basic and important, pray for others.

This book was given to me by Chosen a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange of an honest review.


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