Dreams And Visions

Dreams and Visions: Understanding and Interpreting God’s Messages to you (Updated and Revised Version)

by Jane Hamon


Does God really speak through dreams and visions? Could He be speaking to you? Absolutely.

In this revised and updated edition of her groundbreaking book, author and pastor Jane Hamon unravels the scriptural meaning of dreams and visions, helping you discern when a dream is prophetic direction for your life-and what to do about it.

This concise, practical guidebook will lead you through biblical texts, demystifying the language of dreams and visions so you can communicate with God in an important new way.

Learn to understand and interpret God’s messages to you so that you can live fully in His purpose for your life!

My Review/ Book talk

This is a really tricky-awesome subject. Everyone at some point in their lives have wonder if a dream they had, meant something. And if you are a Christian, you have probably wrestle with the idea or question: Can God talk to me? and if He does, how do I know its Him and not me?

To be able to hear God’s voice is something really important in the life of every Christ follower in the world. I do strongly believe that God does speak through dreams and many other ways, but in order to get there you need to have a closer relationship with Him. Otherwise you could be easily trick by the enemy or even yourself. You need to be in constant prayer and connection with God to be able to discern and understand His voice.

Now what this book does is use Bible verses and stories to try and explain the basics of how to understand God’s voice through visions and dreams. I honestly don’t agree with everything this book says. But this book is meant for mature Christ followers, and maybe that’s why it talks the way it does. Nonetheless I don’t agree with it and find it a little confusing. I don’t know. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for me to read it. I don’t know.

But even though you should know that no matter what any book could say good or bad there are 2 important things that you should know about listening and understanding God’s voice (these are my thoughts) first of all God never contradicts himself so if it goes against His word (the Bible) it’s not from Him, secondly and finally you need to have a constant communication with Him. You need to pray, you need to be in constant contact with God. You need to press-in. You need to read His word. Any person that does any sport or whatever will tell you that in order to understand it you need to read or practice. Well, that’s how it is here (I hope you understand what I’m trying to say).

Anyways read it if you want but more importantly read the Bible and press-in more in the presence of God. Also church leaders are great helpers, so go to them with your questions.

Be careful when selecting books like this. They can be a little confusing sometimes and not helpful at all. (not speaking about this book in particular, I’m speaking about any book that says or try’s to explain something like this)

(I’m pretty sure I’ll probably edit this many times and add more lol)

This book was given to me by Chosen a division of Baker Publishing Group in exchange of an honest review.


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