Top 10 Books I Only Bought For Their Covers

The saying goes, “Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover” But sadly we do it all the time. (I’m talking about actual books)

I have to admit that I almost never read the summary or book description of a book. (I know, I’m a daredevil lol) This especially goes if it’s from a series of books that I love. Like for example Harry Potter. When the Cursed Child was about to come out, I didn’t want to read absolutely anything about it.

When I want to know about a book I read the reviews. But almost never the description. (I have my exceptions) But sometimes there’s no time to find a review, specially if you’re in a book store. In those moments I go with the cover. If the book cover calls to me. Well, that baby is going home with me. But sadly when I buy like that(which happens a lot) I sometimes don’t even read them. I know. Shame on me.

Well, here are The top 10 books I only bought for their covers and haven’t read.

I have no idea what the following books are about. But here they are:

2016-09-04 22.21.14

Poison: by Bridget Zinn

Absolutely no idea but the cover looks super cool. Kind of looks like Wonderland. I don’t know.

2016-09-04 22.21.04

Saturday Night Widows: by Becky Aikman

This book only cost me $1.00, and since the cover is cute I bought it. But I have no idea. The cover doesn’t say much.

Abraham Lincoln                        Thomas Jefferson

by George McGovern                      by Joyce Appleby

Okay, I love history books, so I figure that I would love these 2. But yeah, they are still way down on my tbr list. Someday I’ll get to them.

2016-09-04 22.20.56

Ripper: by Stefan Petrucha

I don’t know. But the cover looks cool.

2016-09-04 22.20.48

The Wind Through the Keyhole: Stephen King

Okay, I have to confess that although I have many Stephen King novels. I haven’t finish any of them. This one was the first one that I bought of him. And I haven’t even opened it. lol

2016-09-04 22.15.28

Anna Karenina: by Leo Tolstoy

I love classics, so I have many of them but I haven’t read any of them except for the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Cause Arthur Conan Doyle is freaking awesome.

2016-09-04 22.15.18

Hidden Like Anne Frank: by Marcel Prins & Peter Henk Steenhuis

I don’t know.

2016-09-04 22.15.05

Pippi Longstocking: by Astrid Lindgren

I used to see this show on tv when I was little so I figure I would read it really fast. Plus it’s a really small book. But no. I bought it like 4 years ago, and its still really low on the tbr list. lol

2016-09-04 22.18.02

(sorry for the bad picture)

Monsieur: by Lawrence Durrell

No idea. I only bought it cause it reminded me of The Munster’s TV series. (I don’t know) lol

I know I’ve done this a lot and there are more that should be in this list and aren’t but these were the ones that are in the lower places of my tbr list. lol



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