Back to Hogwarts

2016-09-01 10.55.22

Today is September 1st, that means we have to be at platform 9 3/4 before 11am, cause that’s when the train leaves. lol

2016-09-01 08.45.00

Don’t forget your ticket!

2011-05-27 11.51.07

Anything from the trolley! (Please remain on your sit, you don’t want to see the trolley lady turn in to a Percy Jackson monster lol)


Now that you’re on your sit. Let’s check out my top 10 sassiest Harry Potter memes from the internet.

  1. That time Harry Potter and Mean Girls got together.

2016-09-01 11.10.53

2. I love the Mean girls-Harry Potter mix. Lol

2016-09-01 11.11.01

3. That time they got Sirius

2016-09-01 11.16.57

4. Why indeed Harry?

2016-09-01 11.15.03

5. We so need this! Snape approves!

2016-09-01 11.15.41

6. That time Dumbledore played with makeup…

2016-09-01 11.10.25

7. The real legend!

2016-09-01 11.22.42

8. Sure… that makes perfect since…

2016-09-01 11.13.55

9. Well, duh!!

2016-09-01 11.16.37

10. Obviously… (Snape voice) lol2016-09-01 11.24.14That’s it!

2016-09-01 11.08.07

Hope you have an awesome Harry Potter day!

Also go to SnapChat and make your Harry Potter dreams, sort-of come true. lol

2016-09-01 06.59.59

The pictures belong to someone in the internet lol.


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