Top 5 Favorite Authors

Trying to decide what books to take on vacation, made me think about my favorite authors. The ones I almost always buy books from without even thinking it. Does are the ones that are always traveling with me, well… at least one of them.

So here are My Top 5 Favorite Authors

JK Rowling

I can’t make a list about my top 5 and not add her. I mean, even her life is so inspirational. I just love her. Her writing is so flawless and has made readers out of many. That’s why she’s at the top of my list.

Rick Riordan

Because he’s freaking awesome. He’s an author that can teach you will entertain you without you even noticing it. And he can definitely make you laugh, cry and go mad in the same sentence.

Arthur Conan Doyle

Here’s the guy that distracted me while y was going through some crappy times. His books/audiobooks became like the songs you keep on repeat when you are upset. Hanging out with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson was my joy while on the road.

CS Lewis

Now this guy thought me how to keep my mind safe (read The Screwtape Letters). And show me a world I still go to every time I need to. #loveAslan lol Also, almost the entire book is quotable.

Charles Dickens

Okay, this is a weird one. Because I have only finished one of his books. I know, I know. But here me out. Even though I have only finished A Christmas Carol (like a 100th times) I have practically memorize the first pages of A Tale of Two Cities. They definitely are on my tbr so I will read them all. He is and awesome author and I know that I will love the rest just like I love A Christmas Carol.

There are wayyyyyy more authors that I love. This are definitely not the only ones. But they are on the top of my list.


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