Goosebumps Welcome to Dead House

Goosebumps Welcome to Dead House

by R. L. Stine


               One day the Benson family gets a letter saying that their great- uncle Charles has left them a house in a town call Dark Falls. They move in to these house where the kids start seeing “ghosts”. They soon find out that Dark Falls is full of zombies that have died wile living in the same house that they just move in to, and are planning on making the Benson family like them, because they need their blood to survive.

My Review:

              These book is really entertaining, especially on audiobook while you are working. I don’t think its going to blow you away on less you are 12 years old or less. But for me a 26 year old that wanted to listing to an audiobook while working, it was perfect. I didn’t read this series when I was a child. The only reason I found out about them was because of the movie that is going to come out sometime this year (I think). I was just curious and I have to admit that it didn’t disappointment. Is not a series that I’m going to obsess about, can’t say if I’m going to read or listen to another one on the series. Maybe if I was younger but now is not really what I’m looking for. Maybe if I get “bored” again at work, I’ll listen to another.



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