Unstoppable: Running the Race You Were Born To Win

by: Christine Caine

Unstoppable: Running the Race You Were Born To Win

The divine relay is tough. The track is treacherous. There are so many ways to mangle the exchange zones, to overshoot, to be knocked off the track, to drop the baton, to stop running. The church needs champion runners who never give up, who persevere no matter what they encounter, who run to win, unstoppable, no matter the cost.

If we pass the baton of faith fluidly in the exchange zone from person to person, from generation to generation, we speed unstoppable toward the finish line. But if we fumble the exchange, the whole team, the whole church, suffers. Some runners even stop running and walk right out of the race.

Discover just how important it is to get the “exchange zone” right, to ensure that no runners stop running and walk off the field, but that every runner becomes unstoppable in their dedication to carry their baton of faith to the next runner.

-From GoodReads.com

My Review:

I love Christine Caine. Her books how she preaches. If you don’t get motivated after you finish this book to keep going and pass that baton, then you should read it again.

This book talks about the importance of staying faithful in your pursuit of God while learning to embrace your place, and trust that God has you were he wants you to be.

I love this book, because there are times we get frustrated and want to leave it all or move out of time. Well, this book will give you hope to  stay in the place where you are and move at the right time.

Read the book, you’ll love it.


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