Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Release Party.

Potterheads all over the world are going crazy.

2016-07-31 02.43.35

It probably looks like when Voldemort was “defeated” the first time, and Harry, deliver on the door steps of his uncles. (I’m guessing) lol

I was at one of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child celebration at The Bookmark in Puerto Rico. I’ve never attended a book release party before or a release party of anything for that matter. But I have to say, it was freaking awesome.

It was really fun to be around people that were as passionate about Harry Potter as I was. And probably even more than me. lol

They even had butter beer, but all though I wasn’t able to try it because they ran out, I saw people enjoying it, so I assume it was really good. Hopefully they’ll have some the next time I’m there.

In the end we all got what we wanted.

2016-07-31 02.44.43 (2)

I had the best time with my friends.

2016-07-31 02.44.52 (2)

Also they had box water by the way, that was weird but cool. lol

If you ever find yourself in Puerto Rico and in need of a great book store, go to The Bookmark. They have become

“my home away from home”

(no idea if this is a thing) lol

By the way sorry for the late post, I’m currently busy reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. :p

I’m re-reading every word reminding myself that this is probably the last one. (*sobs)


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