The Queen of the Tearling

The Queen of the Tearling

By Erika Johansen

The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1)

Kelsea Raleigh has been raised in hiding by devoted servants of her family after the death of her mother Queen Elyssa. But now on her nineteenth birthday the loyal remnants from the Queens Guard are here to escort her on a dangerous journey to take her rightful place as the Queen of the Tearling.

Even though Kelsea is from royal blood and has the Tear sapphire, the most powerful jewel ever, she doesn’t feel fit to rule.  But things have change after her mother’s death and the Red Queen is controlling everything.

Even though her enemies  keep growing, her encounter with them will make her stronger.

Her decisions will turn the Tearling on turmoil and unleash the Red Queen’s vengeance. Her trusted guard Lazarus and the outlaw known as “The Fetch” will help her take back her rightful place and restore peace in her kingdom.


Okay, this is the most poorly description of this book. Definitely not making it any justice.

This book was incredible. It has everything. It’s a little slow-pace but it fits perfectly with it. It’s all so well done that you’re going to love it. It has a really strong female lead character, and the world is just perfect. You have to read it.


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