The Murder Complex

The Murder Complex

By Lindsay Cummings

Futuristic dystopia where the murder rate is higher than the birthrate.

This book is super awesome. It’s an fast-paced-action-pack-blood-fest and its just perfect. I love the characters, their background and how they evolve, it’s really great.

It’s cool to read a book that even though its so bloody and has so much action they still have censorship on the cursed words. I thought that was something unique that gave this world a little something extra.

By the way, there’s no freaking love triangle!!! Amen to that!!!!

I read this book sometime ago but forgot to post the review here, and for that reason I already have a review for the second one. Here’s the link to that one so you can check it out. The Death Code

Also check out the author on Twitter, Instagram or SnapChat. She is really down to earth and cool. I believe she just publish (a couple of weeks ago I think) Zenith with co-writer and “Booktube” blogger Sasha Alsberg. She makes pretty cool videos on YouTube. So go check that out.


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