Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park

By Rainbow Rowell


Ha! “Tear-jerking”. I think that’s a great way to describe this book.

Two misfits fall in love. Eleanor is a big red-headed girl that dresses rather odd. At least that’s what Park thinks. This book starts on her first day of school when she gets on the bus and ends up sitting next to Park. That’s how this love story begins, trough comic books and music.


All though my book history in goodreads may say something different I’m not a love-story-reader. They are never my first choice. For me to be able to start a love story knowingly I have to be in the right mood. And although this one came to my hands upon a friends’ request, I have to say that I was extremely amaze on how much I loved this book.

The story was written so beautifully that it really made me miss the good old times. When we didn’t have so much technology and life was way simpler than now (despite what technology keeps promising).

Its sweet, is sad, and the ending caught me by surprise. I was not expecting that plot twist that you are going to see in a very small chapter (winks), and the ending will make you scratch your head for days.

You have to read this book it’s so great and beautiful plus it will make you cry. I know!!!! Sometimes tear-jerking books equals sappy but believe me this book is anything but. Read it you are going to love it.


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