On This Foundation

On This Foundation

By Lynn Austin

On this Foundation is the 3rd and final instalment to The Restoration Chronicles.

Stone by Stone, the Wall Will Rise Once More Around God’s City

When news reaches him that Jerusalem’s wall is shattered and its gates burned with fire, a distraught Nehemiah seeks God’s guidance in fasting and prayer. Granted an unexpected leave from his duty as cupbearer to the Persian king Artaxerxes, Nehemiah sets out for Jerusalem to rebuild the city wall–never anticipating all the dangers that await him on his arrival.

The leaders of the surrounding nations become his fierce enemies, plotting to assassinate him and stop the wall’s reconstruction forever. A drought, meanwhile, has left the country impoverished, with many families resorting to selling their children as bondservants just to keep from starving.

Capturing the rebuilding of the wall through the eyes of a number of characters, On This Foundation is the powerful conclusion to The Restoration Chronicles. This exploration of faith in the midst of oppression offers hope that, in spite of appearances, the gracious hand of God is upon those who believe.

–         From the back of the book


This is a great and interesting retelling of the book of Nehemiah and is field with great characters that give more depth to the story. I don’t think that you need to read the other books in order to enjoy this one. But if you get the chance to do it then go ahead. I like reading these bible retellings I think they make you see the story that you already know in a whole new way. I haven’t read anything else from Lynn Austin, but now I think I might search for more of her books.


This book was given to me by Bethany House Publishing in exchange of an honest review.

The Restoration Chronicles (3 Book Series) by  Lynn Austin

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