The Crown: The Selection Book 5

The Crown: The Selection Book 5

By Kiera Cass


I don’t like giving bad reviews.

I actually hate doing that. Normally, when I don’t like a book I don’t review it. There had been books that I’m in the fence about, like Too all the Boys I Loved Before and its sequel PS. I Still Love You. I didn’t like those books but I didn’t hate them either. (I’m not comparing The Selection with To All The Boys I Loved Before) And my reviews, although they weren’t favorable, they still weren’t that bad. I’d always said something good about them, even if they weren’t my favorite books. (Except whit a story from the Magnus Bane Chronicles: What really happen in Peru; whit that one I was just super annoyed.)

Anyways, my point is that giving bad reviews is not my thing. I don’t like hurting authors, because I strongly believe that every book a person writes is the translation of their hearts. (or it’s like a horcrux)

So with that more than explain, I hope it will make my following words about this book not to harmful. I do encourage you to read it if that’s what you want or if you’ve been expecting this book like I was. Kiera Cass is one of my top authors. I think she is an amazing writer and a great storyteller. I’m a huge fan of The Selection series and when she announced that she was going to write more about this world I was super excited.

When The Heir came out, the continuation to the series I rushed to buy it and read it really quickly. And although I read mix reviews about it I was in love with the story and happy to see the characters that I’ve come to love back in action, older and with kids of their own. That book ended on a sour note but knowing how great of an author she is I knew that the next book was going to be great.

Now, her last and final book of the series came out, and I was just as excited as the first time, to read it. I bought it as soon as I could and read it… but the feeling that brought me wasn’t a familiar one. I was super disappointed have way through this book. I kept expecting exciting things to happen like in the original selection but nothing did. I made excuses in my head of why this could be happening assuming that things would get better. But as I kept reading and glancing at the chapters that I had left every couple of minutes my heart sank. I just couldn’t believe it. The romance (if you could call it that) felt force. There wasn’t anything interesting happening in the whole book. Which by the way was really small or at least felt like that. I finished it in a day.

I remember from a couple of interviews that I’ve seen of Kiera Cass, that she said that she went were the characters took her (I’m obviously paraphrasing). And that was something you could feel when you read her other books even The Heir. But with this one it felt super rush and force, like if Kiera Cass didn’t know the characters or didn’t listen to them. I was sooooo disappointed. Even in the epilogue I kept waiting for something awesome to happen. But sadly it never did. Even the “plot twist” was really bad, and force.

This book made me super sad, and I feel so disappointed. This is something that has never happen to me before with authors that I love.

I still love Kiera Cass she is still one of my top authors. And even though this book was bad I’m still going to look forward to anything new she might write. I still believe in her and in her writing. She is an awesome author.

If you are a fan of The Selection and read The Heir and want to read this, go ahead discover if it’s good or not by yourself. Form your own opinions about it. But if you read The original Selection and Haven’t read The Heir I strongly recommend you to pass and not read them. Although I think The Heir is a really good book, I don’t think it’s worth it knowing that the next one will leave you disappointed.


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