The Trials of Apollo book 1: The Hidden Oracle

The Trials of Apollo book 1: The Hidden Oracle

By Rick Riordan


Thanks to Rick Riordan my tbr went to hell… for now. lol

I was not supposed to read this book now. But I couldn’t freaking wait.

And OMG! It was sooooo awesome.

I have the worst book-hangover ever!!!

I have to talk about this book or I’ll die. I know, I’m really dramatic but stay with me the book deserves for me to be overly-dramatic about it. So here it goes.

          Apollo gets punish once again by his father Zeus. He is curse to be a mortal teenager with acne called Lester Papolopados (I’m pretty sure its misspelled but give me a break I couldn’t even pronounce it) and sent to earth to re-establish the Oracles that had been taken by a mysterious people (I’m trying sooo hard not to give spoilers) whit the help and well he is actually bound to Meg, a demigod he meets in an alley in New York when he is dump there by Zeus. They set up to find Percy Jackson (this doesn’t count as a spoiler, I had toooo) to take them to camp half blood. Once there they find out that everything is falling apart and is up to Apollo to restore order and help Camp Half blood.

Okay, I have to be honest you don’t necessarily have to had read the Heroes of Olympus series in order to navigate through this one but I do strongly recommend it. You will understand it better if you do. Plus, they are freaking awesome, I’m silently judging you if you haven’t read them. lol

There are so many things that made me jump with joy (almost literally) when I was reading this book. New characters, old familiar ones, awesome-funny writing, and so much awesomeness that I know you’ll love, when you read it. This was such an awesome book; I really wish everyone would read it. Rick Riordan is an amazing writer.

Okay, now because I have to….SPOILERS not many but some lol

I’ll let you know when they are over. Just scroll down fast and you’ll see.

Not kidding SPOILERS are coming ahead.

You’ve been warned!


          OMG, they are back!!!! First Percy Jackson is freaking back but not for too long. He helps them at the beginning but when Apollo asks him for help to get back to being a god on Olympus Percy says he can’t because he is working on school stuff in order to go to college. And he had promise Annabeth, who doesn’t appear in this book because she is in Boston attending some family stuff, obviously with his cousin Magnus Chase, (you have to read Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard its really good) that he wouldn’t get in to trouble and that he would stay alive. So the only thing he can do is take them to Camp half blood. On their way there, they get in to trouble and Percy is unable to get them to the camp’s doors, but he leaves them close enough, and promises he’ll be back on the weekend. More things happen. There in the camp we find Nico Di Angelo and Will. They give us a brief on were the others are. Rachel comes later on, and tries to help Apollo on his journey.

Now the one we’ve been waiting for appears when Apollo finally gets his prophecy from the grove of Dodona (ancient oracle created by Rhea) Leo Valdez is back with Calypso who is now a mortal. I really like this part, Apollo, Rachel and Percy are sitting in front of the Athena Parthenon and Apollo tells them the prophecy, that he doesn’t understand. Percy grins and explains that the prophecy means that Leo is going to help him. He stands up looks up and sure enough Happy is coming flying thwarts them. I wanted to scream of joy when I read this. I was so happy. Lol The rest of the cast from Heroes of Olympus don’t appeared in this one but Leo hints on their return on the next book or next adventure. He says he has to go to camp Jupiter to meet with them.

SPOILERS over!!!!

They weren’t that many SPOILERS anyways!

Only people SPOILERS lol


This is why I love Rick Riordan’s books so much. You can so easily get sucked in to their world and actually feel like you are watching it. It’s that awesome. You get happy when they are happy and sad when they are sad. It’s just awesomeness (I’ve been saying that word way too much today lol)

Anyways this book is freaking awesome, you need to read it!


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