My Mega-Huge May TBR!

I just realize my TBR for May is huge!!!

Most of this books I’m already half way in so I’m hoping that for my first tbr post ever I’ll be able to finish them before June. So here we go.

It has taken me wayyyy to long to finish this one but I’m hoping to finish it this weekend. I’m already half way in so it shouldn’t be that hard. Plus, this book is awesome. This happens to me sometimes I wait, and wait for a book and when it finally arrives I procrastinate to read it. It happens.

Another book I’ve been dying to finish for way too long.

I fell in love with this book when I first started watching the TV series on STARZ and I can’t wait to finish it. Diana Gabaldon is an awesome writer and the story is really great. I didn’t finish watching the show in hopes of finishing the book first. But it’s been too long since that and the new season has already started. So I think it’s probably about time I finish it.

This one is kind of like a detective-mystery-middle ages book. It’s pretty cool so far. I’m only a couple of chapters in and it’s pretty chunky but hopefully I’ll finish it soon.


Now, this one, I’m already half way in. This is the prequel to the Disney channel original movie The Descendants. The Descendants movie is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love that movie but you won’t get me to admit it in front of anyone. Also I saw on Amazon that there’s another Descendants novel coming on May 24 call Return to the Isle of the Lost, I believe is the sequel to the movie and I really want to read it. (you can check that out here Return to the Isle of the Lost )

This one I’m excited to dive in. This is the first instalment of a series. It’s about a king who sends his son to investigate this end-of-the-world things that are happening and there are cities disappearing and there’s something about gods. (worst description ever I know but I’ll let you know more when I read it) you can get a better description here King’s Folly

This book follows the adventures of a boy’s stay at his grandmother’s house after his father loses a top job and abandons his family. It’s suppose to be a cute-funny-heart-melting book. So, I can’t wait to read it.

Yayyy!!! Another book on the shadowhunter world. I don’t have a description for it. Because I don’t want to know anything before I start. I love the shadowhunter world sooo much!!!!!! I can’t wait to read it!!!

I waited so long to read this one. It came out in February and I decided to wait so it would be more close to the next one that comes out in 2017. But I can’t wait any longer!!

This one is a Christian book, and its about our messy lives and getting closer to Jesus. It’s pretty short, so I don’t think it’ll take me to long to finish.

I’m also going to be reading 3 more that I’ll tell you about later.

So, that was my mega-hugely-overwhelming tbr. Hopefully I’ll finish all dose books before the end of the month. If not, well, there’s always June. lol


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