The Comeback

The Comeback

By Louie Giglio

The Comeback

By Louie Giglio

I’m not explaining this one, because I think the title explains it all.

Well, it’s about, new beginnings or second chances. (I said I’m not going to explain it and then I do lol)

I think everyone should read this book. In some point in your life you have gone through something you thought you were never going to get out of. Or maybe you fell so hard you thought you were never getting up. This book takes you through some of the comeback stories you can find in the bible and explains how anyone can stumble and fall and how God’s grace and mercy provided a comeback for them and provides one for us now.

I love this book. Is so refreshing and it does something absolutely great and important it points you back to Jesus.

Jesus the great comeback-maker. At this point in my life I needed this book and I know a lot of people do to. There’s always hope for whatever you are going through. It’s never too late.

Everyone should read this book. It’s really great and has great relatable stories from the bible and more. The Comeback is definitely a must read. It will hooked you.


Quotes from the book:

“Your comeback is in God’s plans right now.”

“I know a lot of us feel like that. We come to a place where we’re walking through the fires and trials of life, and we don’t know where to turn. What we need is a fresh start. We need our story to go in a new direction. What we need is a comeback of our own.”

“Be still, my soul, there’s a healer”

“Comeback begins with Jesus.”

“Jesus is a dream restorer. Your life might look different now than when it was born in your heart, but heaven still has a plan for you”



This book was given to me in exchange of an honest review by:

HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Thomas Nelson





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