The God You Thought You Knew

The God you thought you knew: Exposing the 10 biggest myths about Christianity.

By Alex Mcfarland

“We call this the information age, but is also the misinformation, especially when it comes to God and Christianity. Many of us believe the Christian God is far away and unapproachable, that we have to be good to be accepted by him, and that the Bible is just an antiquated list of do’s and don’ts. But maybe none of that is true. Maybe we’ve gotten it wrong.”

–        From the book


This book is really good for Christians that need their Faith to get stronger. Every chapter talks about 10 common questions or, how the book puts it “myths”, that people tend to have about Christianity. I think every Christian has their low moments were there faith needs a little bit of strengthening up, and this book will definitely help with that.

It’s a short-easy to read book. That will help you on your journey to be a Christian.


I got this book in exchange of an honest review from Bethany House Publishers.


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