The Beast Within

The Beast Within

By Serena Valentino

           Have you ever wonder how some characters came to be who they are? Well, fear not cause’ I’ve found the answers. In this awesome book we get to learn a different side of Prince Adam (Beast). It’s like a prequel to the Beauty and the Beast.

Prince Adam is a vain prince that is too in to his looks and treats the world like he owns it. He decides to marry one of the most beautiful girls in town but when he finds out she is a pigs-keepers daughter he breaks the engagement along with her heart. He discovers a surprise about this girl that will unravel a paranoia and desperation to fall in love. While desperate, his best friend Gaston sets of a ball to find him a queen, meeting some interesting characters and unraveling even more madness along the way.

Can we all just agree that Serena Valentino is freaking awesome.

            I’m a fan of Beauty and the Beast, so when I came across this book and started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. I think it’s beautiful and I love the spin the author gives to a classic tale. This book is a most read to fans of Beauty and the Beast and the TV-show Once Upon a Time.


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