To all the boys I’ve loved before!

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

By Jenny Han

    Okay. Bad day = sappy book

That’s how I got to this one.

I wasn’t going to read regular books because I’m currently fasting and I didn’t wanted to read normal books. I was only reading christian books but I was having a bad day and needed a hide out. So I listen to the audiobook. Loophole I guess. I figure God doesn’t mind.

To all the boys I’ve loved before is about this girl Lara Jean that has 2 sisters. Her big sister Margo moves to college in Scotland. She breaks up with Josh her boyfriend. (Lara Jeans secret crush.) Lara Jean writes letters to get closure every time she likes a guy. That’s how she gets it out. But some how her letters get send in the mail. And that’s when mayham starts. Some of the guys that get the letters start turning up. Peter, one of them is currently breaking up with his current girlfriend and Josh, who also got a letter feels confuse. But to avoid losing face Peter and Lara Jean decide to fake date.


My feelings while I was reading it:
– good
– gross
– stupid
– loved it
– gross
– annoyed
– hate it
– disappointed
– extremely gross
– wants to burn book

I did enjoy this book. But I think it was because I was in the mood for it. The reality is that this book is really corny. And the characters are a little annoying. Like Lara Jean who feels so immature. All though she is still in high school. I guess that’s a good excuse. Anyways her relationship with Peter is really predictable. The book is predictable and has its plot wholes that I’m guessing are going to be resolve in the sequel. I thought this book didn’t need a sequel, it only needed a couple more chapters. It would had been better if she had turne the two books in one. Maybe it would have made more sense.

The book is not great if you want to read it, well… read it.


Definetly reading/ listening to the sequel. I want to know what happens next. I need closure. Lol






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