The Reckless Love of God

The Reckless Love of God: Experiencing the Personal, Passionate Heart of the Gospel


The Reckless Love of God

By: Alex Early

Assurance of God’s Personal Love for Us
The startling truth about the love of God has lost its potency. It is not a passionless, theological idea. It is a real love that feels and even suffers. Whether you grew up in a Christian home and have forgotten this essential truth, or you never knew it in the first place, we all need to be reminded–and assured–that God’s love is real and personal.



I love this!!

Jesus, what if I’m lazy?

 You’re not lazy. You’re just distracted. We can change that.

–         From the book


This is what I love about God and his amazing inexplicable love, no matter how wretched you are he still loves you. Isn’t that awesome. If you feel un-love or just can’t wrap your head around a God who loves the murders just as much as he loves the faithful, then this is the book for you.  Normally love is a really difficult feeling to understand, but God’s love is even harder. A lot of times we believe in God and we know that he loves us, but when we fall apart believing that he still loves us becomes even harder. That happens when our vision of God’s love is seen through the world’s eyes. That’s why you should read this book. It will help you understand a little bit about God’s awesome, selfless love.

In this book you will also find the clearest explanation to the holy Trinity (that I have ever heard of).


More quotes from the book;


Standing in awe of God’s holiness, power, and majesty is one thing. Feeling loved by God as one of his children is quite another.


Is God’s love like my love? My parents’ love? My spouse’s love? Or does his love differ?


He spilled an immense amount of blood, sweat, and tears to say, “I really know what you’re going through. I can relate to you”


Can you accept the fact that Jesus loves you right where you are, and that you can have confidence in his love and trust what is written in the bible?


“If we simply let the authors of the gospel speak, we can figure out who Jesus is.”


Cutest dedication ever:





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