She’s Almost a Teenager

She’s Almost a Teenager

By Peter and Heather Larson

David and Claudia Arp

Do you know what your daughter really thinks about boys, school, God, her future? It’s not easy to be sure. These and other important topics don’t often come up in everyday conversation. Plus, a girl’s views on life can shift quickly, thanks to friends, pop culture, and other influences.

–         Back of the book.

Favorite quotes

Too often our daughters’ tween years are like a journey through a long, dark tunnel, and the only light to be seen is the oncoming train called adolescence!


How hard is it to raise a teenager? Extremely. So here’s a God giving help from people who have already being through it.

I’m not a mother but I have work with “almost teenagers” and believe me trying to figure them out its HARD. But hang in there because this book is going to help you get through it.

When the symptoms of adolescence start to emerge and you have no idea how to handle it this book comes to light. Its fill with guidelines on how to deal with the hardest conversations you are dreading to get in to. But that are extremely important. Like feelings, academics, future, friends talk, influence of media and friends, body talk, dating, purity, money, clothing, eating habits and most important of all God’s place in her life.

The entirety of this book is important and picking just one chapter is extremely hard. Why? I think you already know. Growing up my parents never really talk about this stuff with me and it lead me through some terrible choices. Don’t get me wrong they are not bad parents and is not like they didn’t think about it but they left the choice of making the conversation to me, and well like a normal teenager a didn’t wanted to talk about that stuff with my parents. So I told them that school had it covered. And well I’m not sure if they believe me or not but they went with it. And in the moment I got away with it. But as I had pointed out before It didn’t go well. By the way I don’t blame them for my actions but you know the talk would had probably help.

In this book you’ll get inside information from actual “almost teenagers”, real comments from parents who have being through it. And finally one of the greatest things this book teaches you is that you are not alone. As hard and isolating this may seem you are not the only parent struggling to talk to your kids about this stuff. There are more like you out there who have no clue how to do this.

Also there’s bonus material at the end of the book. So you should check that out too.


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