Fallen Series

Fallen Series

By Lauren Kate



Hi there, my lovely readers. Today or tonight depending when you are reading this, I would like to share with you some awesome news. I recently, well actually a few months ago I enter a review contest for the Lauren Kate books. The Fallen series. I wrote a review and emailed it to Penguin Random House UK. Thankfully I was one of the lucky winners and now I have received the books with my review on it. I absolutely do not consider myself an awesome reviewer but I guess I’m somewhat “entertainish” (I know it’s not a word… chill).


Anyways here’s my review.


‘Fall in love with this amazing series. A must-read for people who

love angel stories and romance with a gothic feel to it. The ending

will blow your mind’ ~ Carmen Maldonado, Puerto Rico


You people should read them there’s a movie coming out that has already been made. Staring Jeremy Irvin, Addison Timlin and Harrison Gilbertson. I have really high hopes for this movie. There’s no actual date for the release but hopefully it would be next year. You should read them.

Anyways Here are the books and some other pics about them. And yes I put the letter on my Christmas tree. I know I’m weird don’t judge me. lol






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