Top 5 Favorite Couples

                Hi, I was looking for a tag, or top whatever to do, because I love them and I really wanted to do one and I found this video in “booktube” community and decided to do it. This will not be in any particular order and also some of them may be shipps so please stay whit me.

Here’s the link you should check that out; PeruseProject

                                So here we go…

1)      Tessa and Will. From The Infernal Devices


OMG!!! I love Will, he is really awesome I love how passionate and sarcastic he is. Tessa and him make a perfect couple.

2)      If I mention Tessa and Will I have to mention…

Clary and Jace from the Mortal Instruments series (I don’t think this needs explanation) (ps. Really excited about the new series ShadowHunters)


3)      Étienne ST. Claire and Anna from Anna and The French Kiss.


I love Étienne but I have to say that I had a lot of problems on how he handles the situations that happen in this book and eventually in the series. I won’t give spoilers, but I will only say that there’s a lot of cheating. Read it and you’ll see.

4)      Cath and Levi from FanGirl


                                          Okay, this book is just perfection. If you haven’t read it, you should. Lol that’s all I have to say… kidding, okay Cath is has a twin who wants to distance herself from Cath and so now that they have started college Cath is force to stay with a roommate and meet new people. Among this people is Levi who is friends with her roommate and that’s how they meet. And the story goes on. Levi is almost like the perfect guy. You can’t help but fall in love with this character once you start this book.

5)       Kealse and The Fetch from The Queen of the Tearling


                                       When I read the first book of this series or duology I thought they would make the perfect couple. I won’t say more for spoilers but let’s just say I was a little disappointed.



Well those were my top 5 favorite couples, there are a lot more but I could only choose 5, anyways if you haven’t read any of this books or series I encourage you to do it. They are really good.





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