The Death Code

The Death Code (The Murder Complex #2)
By Lindsay Cummings

I really enjoyed this book. Love the writing and the characters.
I have to admit that the relationship between Meadow and Zephyr was a little weird and unhealthy. But I guess it fits right in the world they leave in. They help each other. I guess.
       One thing I’m still pondering on is how did they get her not to die. I mean, she was meant to die, right? because of the system or whatever thing she had in her. How did they get the system out of her.
       Is this like some Harry Potter thing?,… were she kills the thing that’s inside her but not her. Who knows…
         All though we do get an actual Harry Potter moment when she “crosses to the other side” but doesn’t die, and instead of meeting Dumbledore (obviously) she meets her father. The guy that trained her and she looks up to, even though he used her for protection or whatever. Maybe she saw the system that was inside her under a bench, Lol(get it).
        I do think she gets an easy out in the end. My theory is that the General was in love whit her mother and since Meadow looks so much like her he decides to go easy on her. I don’t know. Maybe.
      By the way, are you seriously saying that the only way of her letting him know how she feels about him is through sex. (Meadow is so mess-up)
     I do want to read more about this world. I hope they make another. I think Lindsay Cummings is an amazing author, her writing transports you to where ever the hell she wants you to be. She is that great.
 I really recommend her books.

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