Dark Places

dark places

Dark Places
                by Gillian Flynn
Libby Day was seven years old when her family got killed in a massacre that happen in her house, living her and her brother alive. Her testimony puts her brother Ben behind bars. Now present day Libby is trying to put all that behind her. But when a group of “fans” contact her and try to convince her that her brother is innocence she sets off to investigate, and discover the truth about that dreadful night.
Favorite quote-

“Nothing to it but to do it”

Wow!! I couldn’t put it down! This book was really amazing Gillian Flynn is a great writer. I loved Gone Girl but this one is even better. It makes you want more after every chapter it is absolutely great.


I had way too many suspects on my list and I thought for sure that her aunt had something to do with it or her dad. I figure out that Diondra had something to do with it, but I would have never thought that Ben saw it and didn’t do anything. I hated Diondra so much, I didn’t like how she treated Ben. Even though Diondra was so mean I understood her daughter and the reasons of her defending her mother so much that she tried to kill Libby.

By the way, the killing scenes, OMG!! they were terrifying. How her sisters die, her mom, it was all really scary and beautifully written in a creepy way. And the whole baby thing, wow, it added a super cool twist to the story. I also enjoy how she wrote about how rumors start and how people create stories based on what they think and how they actually believe it so much they end up being blinded by the truth.

I’m still confuse with Lisette Stephen. Who killed her? What actually happened to her? Why was she murdered? I want to know more!!!


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