Witch: A New Beginning

Witch: A New Beginning (The Witch Series)

 By L.S. Gagnon

witch a new beginning

This book it’s about a girl named Thea. She works at a Bakery and loves to read. She shortly finds out that she is a witch from the sixteenth century, whose memory has been erased in order to protect her. She learns that her best friend Delia who she thought was a fake witch was actually a real witch like her all though with much less powers than her. Along the way she discovers more friends that are protecting her and an enemy who has swear to torture and kill her.

I gave this book 4 stars because even though the lead character annoyed me, for being so needy at times and wayyyyyyy too much of a cry baby, I still really enjoyed it. You could see while reading this book that it was well thought of. The world, history, and the potions and the enchantments I loved them. I normally don’t like to read the “enchantments” or “incantations” of a book, but whit this one I found myself wanting to read them. They were so well writing in a cute and beautiful way that made it hard for me to skip them.

Favorite quote

“This daily fantasy was my escape from the real world-a world I had never felt I belonged in.”


A couple of things I would like to discuss;

I hate that she doesn’t press too much!

Every time she is confused or learns something that hurts her or feels betrayed she flips over like the world is ending but then they give her a quick vague answer and she drops it and acts like the person doesn’t really need to explain anything it’s so annoying. I get the whole thing about not been able to give her much, but it’s annoying how when she ask a question without an answer she drops it so fast like it doesn’t matter or like she doesn’t really care for it. I did enjoy the plot. But their love story, OMG! It felt so fake and force at times. Or maybe I saw it that way because I still don’t trust James.

I did enjoy the boys. Fish gave the exact amount of laughter to this book and his character was hilarious. I actually found myself laughing out loud at times. Another thing is, when she gets back her memories, I was hoping that the good Thea (the lead character was presented like to personalities the one of the lost memories and the current one who cries too much) will take more control or at least feel more present since she was the one who did the whole growing and was more caring. But no! That was not how it felt. When the “old Thea” takes over it’s literally that, she takes over and the Thea that you have grown to love (aside from being a pushover and the whole crying thing) is completely lost. She even starts to talk like the “old Thea” I absolutely didn’t like that. The “cliffhanger” at the end actually made me cry, and I truly wasn’t expecting it at first. But OMG! It made me hate James, and well I don’t trust him even more. But I think I know now why her dad William took so much memories out of James, and I figure that the only way that he got James to drink the tea was in the hopes that he could break the bond that he has with Thea.

In the end it was really enjoyable, it left me wanting more. Can’t wait for the next one.

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